Somewhere over the Rainbow

feldman-kiss & Matheuszik 2023

back to top \ Somewhere over the Rainbow 2023 light bath (gradient for desktop) 10:00 minutes, courtesy of the artists © 2023 feldman-kiss & Matheuszik

This continuous video loop is inspired by the old fashioned screensaver. Receive the light bath through your own device. Toggle your video to full-screen. Engage the sonic specificity of your space. Open your kinaesthetic awareness to the light energy. To optimise full spectrum light benefits, relax into the light, breathe the light deep into you –breathe with the eyes, the skin’s pores, the hair’s follicles, hold the breath for a few, very slowly breathe the light back out, hold the empty breath for a few. Repeat. Be in presence.

Intended for retreat and collective uplift, Somewhere over the Rainbow envelopes visitors with a magical glow. Gentle transitions between and among colour gradients guide inward focus, settle and refresh. From cold bright mauves that connect to source and spirit, through the blues of personal truth and intuition, aquamarines that empower the will, greens that regulate emotions, yellows that raise esteem and capacity to trust, oranges that strengthen creativity, relationality and sexuality, through to the pure red and near-infrared wavelengths that ground, stimulate and energise cells, reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation and promote regeneration.

(In biology, any group of fish that stay together for social reasons are shoaling, and if the group is swimming in the same direction in a coordinated manner, they are schooling. In common usage, the terms are sometimes used rather loosely. About one quarter of fish species shoal all their lives, and about one half shoal for part of their lives.

Fish derive many benefits from shoaling behaviour including defence against predators, enhanced foraging success, and higher success in finding a mate. Fish use many traits to choose shoalmates. Generally they prefer larger shoals, shoalmates of their own species, shoalmates similar in size and appearance to themselves, healthy fish, and kin (when recognized).

The oddity effect posits that any shoal member that stands out in appearance will be preferentially targeted by predators. This may explain why fish prefer to shoal with individuals that resemble themselves. The oddity effect thus tends to homogenise shoals.[from Wikipedia accessed 25062023]) \ study for Somewhere over the Rainbow 2023 courtesy of the artists © 2023 feldman-kiss & Matheuszik

XR installation

Somewhere over the Rainbow is an XR landscape installation intended to enliven the senses and awaken the body. The artwork features an architectural scale artificial rainbow set within beachside, an animated immersive (360º) video environment. The full spectrum light bath exists here online as an individual desktop experience and also as an immersive sculptural installation intended for IRL spatial experience.

The XR installation of Somewhere over the Rainbow and beachside is a collision of ethereal, material and digital approaches to landscape art aesthetics. Somewhere over the Rainbow has been conceptualised for public installation during the late fall/winter, in response to the short dark days November through February when so many among us feel the decreased sunshine as low mood and vulnerable immunity. Unlike the brightly lit commercial billboards invoked by our materials of production, Somewhere over the Rainbow and beachside do not demand our attention resources, seek our money, compete for brand loyalty, nor overstimulate with meaning. Rather, the artwork gifts visual relief and offers space to let go into light.

In our audiences, we aim to arouse optimistic feeling, collective delight and a blissful release. Rainbow sightings are perennially familiar and endlessly magical. Rainbow events incite awe, joy and collective wonder. With over 90% unknowability below the surface, the curious digital lifeforms of beachside Oceanic world, charm and captivate as rare phenomena of Nature. With Somewhere over the Rainbow and beachside, we invite audiences, fellow urbanites and landlocked humans, to join us in collective digital re-imaginings in Earthly relation.

installation requirements

Somewhere over the Rainbow

16 (500mm x 500mm) LED video panels 2.8mm resolution indoor rated 
LED Video processor
HDMI, ethernet and power cables 
3 grounded electricity receptacles 
16 (5cm x 50cm) aluminium rigging pipe 
32 rigging clamps
32 eye bolts
aircraft cable

360º video projection system
media player 
5 x wireless headphones with wall hooks and receiver for binaural sound experience
2 x pendant subwoofers 
audio mixer 
HDMI, audio and power cables 

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decorations for screens

download a background for your desktop or mobile wallpapers.  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

back to top \ study for Somewhere over the Rainbow 2023 courtesy of the artists © 2023 feldman-kiss & Matheuszik

sketch work

Somewhere over the Rainbow, sketchwork 2023

Somewhere over the Rainbow, sketchwork 2023

study for \ Somewhere over the Rainbow and beachside 2023 XR installation (360º video) courtesy of the artists © 2023 feldman-kiss & Matheuszik

Toggle your video to full screen then click and drag to experience the artwork in virtual space.


Novastar support:

Tovi Gruzman
Mike Dunn

back to top \ study for Somewhere over the Rainbow 2023 courtesy of the artists © 2023 feldman-kiss & Matheuszik