refuge (SIREN)

refuge (SIREN) is an excursion through oceanic passages, diasporic imaginaries and existential transitions. Submerged into the unsettling depths of descent and ascension, accompanying texts, audio works and images are remixed together in this virtual space and portal through tenacious journeys into new possible cartographies, honouring life’s urgent will to survive and thrive.

refuge (SIREN) is a co-production of feldman-kiss and Matheuszik with Spatial-esk and Pamela Edmonds

guided tour  

refuge (SIREN) is about urgency and repair. The artwork aims to link climate emergency with anthropogeny (the failure of perception that Nature is for humans, rather than the more reasoned, holistic and decolonial world view that humans are of Nature, part of Nature, belong to Nature and live within Nature.). refuge (SIREN) is the first work by feldman-kiss & Matheuszik, and created in collaboration with SPATIAL-ESK.

McMaster Museum of Art and nichola feldman-kiss gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council for the production of this digital catalogue. is a project of feldman-kiss & Matheuszik generously funded by Canada Council for the Arts Digital Now 2022. Research, creation and production of SIREN, Scapegoat and the King’s two Bodies have been generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council.